• K is for Kindergarten

Kindergarten teachers are Elizabeth Webb, Brook Bennett, and Beth Haydon and para Connie Wiggs.

In kindergarten, we hope that, if nothing else, our children leave us feeling loved and as they matter.


  • "Readers are Leaders"

  • The Teachers of First Grade Hope to Instill a Love for Reading in All Students

First-grade teachers are Cindy Snowden, Brandi Sullivan, Amanda Wingert, and para Summer Hall.


  • Inspire. Create. Achieve

Our students will be inspired and feel supported to create, to problem solve, to grow ‘what ifs’ into big ideas that matter from meaningful instruction.

Second-grade teachers are Darissa Beavers, Shonda Brand, Meghan Chalk and para Sue Davis


  • Creating Lifelong Learners

We love teaching 3rd grade because it is an awesome challenge! Our students get the opportunity to have fun with fractions, multiplication relays, and achieving success in reading goals. Ultimately, the best aspect is seeing our students achieve independence, maturity in their learning, as well as gaining social interactions with their peers. We are very honored to be at Rose Bud Elementary School!!

Third-grade teachers are Rhonda Garrard, Alexis Mitchell, Bailey Story, and para Valorie Lynch.


  • Learning Together... Achieving Together

We are dedicated to preparing our students to be successful lifelong learners, problem solvers, and productive citizens through a loving, positive, collaborative approach where excellence is expected, life values are practiced, and uniqueness is celebrated.

Fourth-grade teachers are Terri Adams, Jennifer Bates, Becky Henry, and para Summer Hall. 


  • Be a Reader, Be a Writer, Be a Problem Solver

The 5th Grade Team at Rose Bud Elementary will be a safe learning environment that promotes student achievement through the use of cooperative learning and small group instruction. Students will be respected and valued as individuals and their thoughts, opinions, and questions will be heard. Students will be encouraged to help and support each other, as well as be tolerant of other students’ differences. Each student will be encouraged to become a more self-directed and independent learner. All students will be encouraged and guided to reach their full potential and to respect the value of lifelong learning.

Teachers in fifth grade are Mindy Teague, Liz Calhoun, Whitney Ashby, and para Becky Acock.


  • Sixth Grade is a time for students to develop Responsibility and Good Study Habits in preparation for High School

Teachers are Pam Walls (Language Arts/Reading), Erika Harlan (Science/Social Studies), and Katie Fenley (Math).