At Rose Bud School District, our students are 21st-century learners that are taught to effectively communicate through reading writing and listening. Our English department develops lessons that use language for students to express their knowledge, opinions, and ideas in creative manners that convey the message intended for their audience and purpose. We ensure that our students emerge in various mediums with a broad experience that deepens understanding and life experiences through language.

Teachers of English Language Art courses are Jennifer Hipp, Kimberly Maurer, Steven Selvidge, and Janice Petray.


Students who can understand and preform mathematics have a significant advantage in shaping their futures. Courses aim to teach students

  • Mathematics for life;

  • Mathematics for the workplace; and

  • Mathematics for the scientific and technical community.

Teachers of Mathematics are Lisa Bly, Allan Clark, Shannon Hampton, Kathi Langford, Scotty Starkey, and Lindsay Weatherley.


Science courses at Rose Bud High School aim to be rich in content and practices. Students learn a deep understanding of how science works and the application of content through the interpretation of data, scientific investigation, and evaluation of results. Crosscutting concepts in science courses are integrated with literacy and math skills.

Science teachers are Margaret Moon, Dylan Moore, and Stephanie Wortham.


Social studies courses at Rose Bud explore the social sciences and humanities, including civics, history, economics, and geography, in order to develop responsibly, informed, and engaged citizens and to foster civic, global, historical, geographic, and economic literacy.

Social Studies teachers are Kevin Coleman, Scott Moore, Coach Woffard


Proficiency in a second language provides benefits to all areas of a student's life. In an increasingly connected world, it is becoming ever more important to be able to communicate with speakers of other languages. Rose Bud High School offers the opportunity for students to learn and work toward proficiency in learning other languages. Spanish classes are offered by a full-time teacher and other languages via the virtual school.

Teacher is Cara Coffman


Students have the opportunity to take Art 1 and 2, Painting and Drawing, Beginning Band, Advanced Band, Choir, and Vocal Music through classes offered through the Fine Arts Department at Rose Bud School District.

Teachers are Jared Davis and Brittany Carlson


The Career and Technical Education Department at Rose Bud High School offers students the opportunity to learn technical knowledge, workplace skills, and real-world experience in 11 programs of study and 7 different career cluster programs. By taking the introduction course and then additional courses, students have the chance to become a completer of a program of study. Students who successfully complete the courses will be recognized at graduation with a special cord to be worn at graduation and a seal attached to their high school diploma.

Students can complete certain classes and demonstrate knowledge of skills and content.

  • Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber, and natural resources systems.

  • Family and Consumer Science courses prepare students to make informed choices regarding consumer education, food and nutrition, relationships, housing, and textiles.

  • Business and Marketing Technology courses prepare students for careers in areas such as business and computer technology, E-commerce and E-marketing, network administration, Web services, telecommunications, entrepreneurship, and buying and merchandising.

  • Skilled and Technical Sciences programs that prepare students for rewarding careers in high-skill, high-demand, high-wage occupations in the following career clusters: Construction Technology (Quitman); Health Science (Quitman/ASU- Searcy); Manufacturing- Welding (ASU-Heber Springs); and Automotive Service Technology (ASU-Searcy) 

Teachers are Shelby Cooper, Sara Echlin, Jonna Moore, Julie Reedy, and Rob Reedy


The library is open during school hours, including lunch!

The library is for your use and convenience. All books taken from a library must be checked out. Student/Patrons are responsible for a book until it is returned. Charges for lost books will be assessed at the end of each semester. No new book will be allowed to be checked out until prior books have been accounted for. Information concerning overdue books will be given to the student at the end of each month.

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High School Library

Librarian Alicia Turley


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