Transportation eligibility 

Every student in the Rose Bud School District is eligible to ride the bus unless he or she loses that privilege due to disciplinary action. The superintendent or his/her designee shall annually establish the routes and may modify them as needed.


1. Be at the bus stop at the scheduled time. Stand back about ten feet from the bus stop and wait until the door is opened before moving closer to the bus. Do not play on the highway or road. If you miss the bus, do not attempt to hitchhike a ride or walk to or from school. 

2. While loading or unloading, enter or leave the bus orderly and quickly. 

3. While riding the bus, students are under the supervision of the driver and must obey the driver at all times. 

4. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner such that they will not distract the attention of their driver or disturb other riders on the bus (which includes keeping your hands to yourself; attend to your on matters; leave other pupils alone, and be reasonably quiet.)

5. Possession of a firearm or weapon at a bus stop or on a school bus is strictly prohibited. 

6. Do not change seats while bus is in motion. If someone leaves the bus and you wish to change seats, do so while the bus is stopped and only at the direction of the driver. 

7. Students are prohibited from bringing pets or other live animals on a school bus. 

8. You are not to tamper with any of the safety devices, such as door latches, fire extinguisher, etc. 

9. Pupils must keep seated while the bus is in motion. 

10. Pupils are not to put their hands, arms, heads, or bodies out of the window. Do not yell at anyone outside the bus. 

11. Students are not to deface the bus or any school property. Do not write on the bus or damage seats, etc. Do not throw paper, food, or any other object on the floor of the bus. Do not eat on the bus. No smoking, dipping or chewing while riding a school bus. Keep aisle of the bus clear of books, lunches, coats, etc. 

12. Do not ask the driver to let you off the bus up town, at the store, to get mail out of the box, or any place except at your regular stop. 

13. If a pupil must cross the highway to enter the bus, wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and the driver has signaled you to cross the highway. 

14. Pupils who must cross the road after leaving the bus in the afternoon must go to a point on the shoulder of the road ten feet in front of the bus. Cross the highway only after the driver has signaled you to do so. 

15. Do not damage road signs or warning signals placed on the highway by the Highway Department. 

16. This is not intended to cover all of the "do's" and "don'ts", but it is a very specific guide.


There may be some occasions when, due to unsafe road conditions, school busses cannot safely navigate specific roads. At this time a notice will be posted that busses will be running "snow routes." Busses under a snow route directive will not travel unsafe roads. Students who cannot be picked up due to the snow route and whose parents cannot transport them to and from school will not be counted absent.