Program Director/Teacher- Cheri Foster


We are excited that you have chosen to place your child in the Rose Bud ABC School. Our goal is to implement a program that enables your child to continue to grow and develop successfully. We want you to be involved with us in making these important decisions regarding your child's needs. We at Rose Bud ABC School are eager to serve you and your child with the best educational services possible and get them on the right track for a successful school experience

The purpose of the ABC preschool is to provide safe, healthy, nurturing experiences in which each child can play, learn, and grow.

The objective of the ABC program will focus on the following:

  1. Provide a developmentally age appropriate curriculum to improve gross and fine motor skills, language, cognitive, and social skills that will meet or exceed the recommended state educational standards.

  2. Provide educational experiences that will promote citizenship, responsibility, and cooperation.

  3. Provide nutritional meals and snacks.

  4. Offer programs that will help each learner to develop toward his/her potential.

  5. Encourage increased parent community participation in the school program.