Today is the last Employee Spotlight for this school year. We would like to say a BIG thank you to our community partners for their generosity throughout the school year and for giving to our employees. Special thanks to: Doublebee’s, Honeysuckle Mercantile, the Rambler Grill, RoZark Coffee, Sherwoods Hometown Grocer, Sonic and Worn Indentitees. We truly appreciate you! 


Jonna Moore

Mrs. Moore finds her daily inspiration in seeing her students grow and be proud of their own accomplishments no matter how small. She has worked here for 19 years and likes how the administration, staff and students work together as a family to ensure student success. We came to this community because “Rose Bud is a friendly, supportive, school oriented community”

Her students just finished up their OSHA safety Certifications and I think everyone is ready for summer break. Her dream summer vacation would be to one day travel to Italy with her husband (Coach Moore.)

Her favorite superhero? “Wonder Woman, because she is strong and confident.”


Kathy Barnard

Mrs. Barnard moved to Rose Bud with her parents when she was just a third grader from Indiana. She must have liked what she found here, because she decided to work at the school, and has been here for 28 years. She finds her daily inspiration in her faith and family and is most proud of how the teachers, staff and students all work together to accomplish our goals. She knows at the end of the day she has done her job to the very best of her ability so that the teachers and students have an easier time doing their job each day.

When we asked Mrs. Barnard about her dream summer vacation she said “My husband and I would like to be able to take all our kids and grand kids on a trip together.” Sounds like that would fill up your inspiration tank for a while!